Documentary: Help for Hounds

length: 2.46

A two minute documentary was produced regarding the adoption process in Miami Dade shelter versus a small shelter in Broward.

Let’s Get the Dogs Out

length: 20 seconds

Let’s Get the dogs out: the purpose of the video was to combine photos and videos of dogs with the music. The material was obtained from the internet and the editing was done using Adobe Premiere.

How to use the green screen. Yellowstone Park video

length: 2 seconds

One Day in Yellowstone Park: the purpose of the video is to learn how to use the green screen. I got a video of myself with a green screen and I downloaded a video of Yellowstone Park from youtube. I did the editing using After Effects to incorporate my image in the video.

Video Opening & Titles

length: 1:31

The assignment was to create an opening, closing, channel logo and all the lower third titles of the video. The video was downloaded from the Cinema Italy website. I did the editing of this new video by combining the footage with opening, closing and titles. The audio was not used.

Adidas Commercial

length: 15 seconds

The animation of the wings at the end of the video was downloaded from an animation site and the green background was removed. The adidas billboard was a video from the internet. I took all the soccer’s videos at the Footbox academy and did the editing.

Kinetic Video:

length: 5 seconds

The assignment was to learn how to produce Motion graphics kinetic typographic. The professor gave us the audio and requested the visuals to match the audio. The program used was After Effects.

Keiser SWAG

length: 3.23 minutes

I took some of the videos for this project that Professor Gossman produced and edited. The  students, staff and faculty participated in this dynamic production where the whole group danced “Can’t Stop the Feeling” performed by Justin Timberlake.