New Graphic Design Trends for 2017

I am going to give a summary of some of the trends that will be popular in 2017 using the articles of Robert Bailey  7 graphic design trends for 2017 and the Shutter stock report

I will summarize some of the trends mentioned in the articles.

vintage1) Modern-retro although has been around for a while  will continue appearing in logos, web sites and packaging.

Nostalgia saw a 213% increase in the past year as per Shutter fly report, with vintage concepts, techniques, and aesthetics seeing a major resurgence in popular realms.

adidas2) Responsive-logos have been designed to be able to respond to different environments. Even if you see the logo in your cellular, it should be functional.

Image-3-cinemagraph.gif3) Cinegraphs are still photographs where a single movement is made. It comes in a GIF format and is helps to grasp your attention.

images4) Minimalism where less is better will continue to be popular. Some brands like Celine, Apple and Google have adopted on using simplicity and functionality.


5) Illustrated images ads a human element and gives a nostalgic and childish feeling. As mentioned in Shutter stock report Nostalgia increased 213%. This oreo ad gives a nostalgic feeling.

6) Modular Layouts purpose is to break up text in manageable chunks and people can interact easier.

7) Bold photography and sleek text by mixing bold and sleek text with images to capture the attention of the viewer. The audience attention span have shortened as a result of a more digital lifestyle (

8) Reflection +140% From meditation to mindfulness, a reminder of the
importance of taking time to contemplate and appreciate the moment.
9) The main design trends are nature and technology, indicating a divergence of culture and the possibility of interesting work at the border of their confluence.
In general you need to make sure the trend fits the brand before applying these trends.

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